YYachts unveils a new 75” super daysailer by Cossutti – Ganz

Maurizio Cossutti, Alessandro Ganz, and the whole team at Cossutti – Ganz Yacht Design Studio are excited to announce their latest project, the new 75-foot (23 meters) super daysailer from YYachts: YBreeze 75.

The new design had its worldwide premiere on June 20, 2023, in Palma de Mallorca, in front of a qualified and large audience of international journalists and industry professionals. 

Our studio, in collaboration with the YYachts team, is responsible for the exterior design, hull lines, and naval architecture.

Resulting from a recent partnership between the prestigious German brand and our studio, YB75 represents a perfect synthesis of innovation, performance, and meticulous design.

We are immensely happy and proud to present this extraordinary new project, as well as to collaborate with one of the most prestigious and renowned international brands. YBreeze 75 is a new and significant testament to our passion for design and innovation in the world of sailing yachts.

YBreeze 75 in mare.

The magic of sailing, the convenience of a motor yacht

YBreeze 75 is a sailing yacht designed for discerning owners who appreciate the simplicity and comfort of motor yachts but do not want to private themselves of the joy of sailing.

The vessel features elegant exterior lines and a high-performance hull while maintaining minimalist and functional characteristics, in line with YYachts’ philosophy. It incorporates and amplifies the distinctive features of previous YYachts’ builds to achieve an unmistakable family feeling.

The project began last year when Michael Schmidt, founder of YYachts (and previously Hanse Yachts), presented Maurizio Cossutti and Alessandro Ganz with a simple yet highly stimulating question: “Why do we prefer motorboats over sailing yachts?”

From this starting point and challenge, YBreeze 75 was born, a 23-meter daysailer with a simple and clean design, suitable for those seeking comfort and calm at sea as well as those desiring maximum performance and enjoyment.

Render notturno dell'YB75.
Unique design, elegance, and high performances

YBreeze 75’s design is characterized by the clean lines of the hull, well-defined and recognizable with the characteristic sheer line, which dynamically runs from stern to bow, joining the distinctive YYachts’ bow. The low coachroof remains hidden, contributing to the dynamic volume perspectives, and presenting an instantly recognizable and iconic design.

The unique design of the topsides also eliminates the need for pulpit rails and lifelines, providing a safe and protected walking area along the deck, from stern to bow.

The essence of YB75 can be encapsulated in four words: design, simplicity, comfort, and enjoyment. One of the most remarkable features of this yacht is its walkaround design, inspired by modern motor yachts.

While the design and hull volume are optimized for high sailing performance, ample space below the deck is still guaranteed, including 3 cabins, 3 showers, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, and a spacious dinette.

The cockpit is generously spacious, with ample areas for the entire crew to sunbathe and fully enjoy the sea. The concealed and integrated helm station on the side deck gives the yacht a clean and visually captivating appearance, enhancing ergonomics, comfort, and safety for the helmsman.

Another notable design feature is the opening transom bulwarks, as well as the convertible aft platform with an integrated swim ladder, creating an extension of the deck. This provides the crew with a unique connection to the surrounding marine environment and convenient access to the water.

Thanks to the spacious garage, the crew can also stow a wide range of equipment, such as jet skis, surfboards, and slides. Additionally, to ensure fun for children as well, owners can opt for a layout that includes a game room at the stern.

This way, the YB75 combines high performance with entertainment, offering a complete sailing experience suitable for all types of needs.

Render dell'YB575, il nuovo super daysailer di YYachts e Cossutti.

Uncompromising performance

Thanks to the lightweight carbon fiber hull, as is tradition for YYachts, the powerful sail plan, and the water ballast, the YBreeze 75 offers sailing performance comparable to that of a highly competitive racing boat. The torpedo keel and twin rudders make the YB75 much faster than a conventional yacht, ensuring exceptional performance in all sailing conditions.

Despite its displacement of 25.8 tonnes, the rig with swept-back spreaders and 190 square meters of sail area is designed to deliver high performance even in the lightest Mediterranean breezes.

L'YBreeze 75 mentre naviga in mare.
Easy and enjoyable sailing

“We realized that there are many sailors who own a home here in Palma, Saint-Tropez, or Sardinia and would like to enjoy the sea for pleasure rather than always going on a cruise or racing,” says Francesca Modica, interior designer and project manager of YBreeze 75.

Thus, the new super daysailer by YYachts has been designed to be not only comfortable but also fast and fun. Designed for those who want to enjoy the sea for pure pleasure, the YBreeze 75 also offers exceptionally easy and user-friendly navigation.

The high technological level is another distinctive feature of YBreeze 75, as the yacht is equipped with a fully automated sail control system, making it easy to handle even with a reduced crew. The presence of automation for managing the self-tacking jib and automatic furlers for the Code 0 and Gennaker make sail control quick and intuitive. A dedicated App developed by YYachts also allows remote control of certain aspects of the boat, such as remotely opening and closing the portholes.

The boat is calibrated for YYachts’ target customers, with medium-light winds and Mediterranean conditions. “The function of the boat is the most important thing: the idea is to have fun without having many people on board” says Maurizio Cossutti. And Michael Schmidt adds, “Why 75 feet? Because it’s cool! If you go for a 55/60-foot boat, it doesn’t stand out as much. The effect of a 75-foot boat entering a port is different.”

Refined and sustainable interiors

The interior of the YB75, a result of the collaboration with Wendover Studio, embodies a unique aesthetic inspired by the Mediterranean style. The atmosphere in the spaces is a blend of inviting practicality and elegance, with carefully selected materials, details, and coordination to create an unparalleled visual and tactile experience. As is mandatory for YYachts, the interiors can be extensively customized to meet the needs and tastes of each owner.

Towards minimal environmental impact

To minimize the environmental impact of the YB75, all the materials used are lightweight, sustainable, and easily washable, combining elegance with eco-sustainability.

Furthermore, to further reduce emissions, owners can choose between a “zero-emission” electric propulsion system or a 100-horsepower diesel engine powered by synthetic fuel.

These choices significantly reduce the environmental impact of the yacht while still ensuring high performance and a comfortable sailing experience.


YBreeze 75 – Main technical characteristics

Exterior design: Cossutti – Ganz Yacht Design / YYachts Design Studio
Interior design: Studio Wendover, G. Chipperfield, YYachts Design Studio
Naval architecture: Cossutti – Ganz Yacht Design
Structural Engineering: AMS Structural Engineering
Yard: Michael Schmidt Yachtbau GmbH
Overall length: 22,91 m
Waterline length: 21,6 m
Beam: 5,6 m
Draft: 4,20 m
Draft with Telescopic keel (optional): 2,5 – 4 m
Displacement: 25.800 kg
Sail area: 320 mq
Propulsion: Nanni 88kW (120 CV)
Fuel tank: 500 liters
Freshwater tank: 500 liters
Standard layout: 3 cabins, 3 bathroom

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