The new Bavaria C46 is almost ready to set sail

The launch of the Bavaria C46 is imminent. The new yacht, a product of the collaboration between the Bavaria Yachts development team and our design studio, is nearly ready for unveiling.


Final preparations for the Bavaria C46

Preparations for the completion of the much-anticipated Bavaria C46 are in full swing. YACHT, the renowned german magazine, received the opportunity for an exclusive preview of the final result. As reported in a recent article, Marc Diening, CEO of Bavaria Yachts, is eagerly awaiting the next four weeks, which will not culminate in the much-awaited summer holidays, but in the launch of the Bavaria C46 in the waters of the Baltic Sea. Forecasts are extremely positive, backed by a large number of orders. The Giebelstadt Shipyard has already received about 100 reservations, signaling increasing interest fuelled by the official presentation during the Düsseldorf fair. Currently, the first two models (used as prototypes) are nearing completion and will soon begin their trade fair tour across Europe.



C46: innovation, comfort, and high performance

The C46 redefines the rules of its category by combining spaciousness, excellent performance, and numerous innovations. To learn about all its features, you can read our post about the complete project: Bavaria C46. The generous onboard space, characteristic of all Bavaria boats, and the reliability guaranteed by Made in Germany quality, combine on the C46 to offer superior sailing performances and high comfort. The design naturally bears the signature of our Studio Cossutti – Ganz Yacht Design, nowadays famous for its undeniable ability to combine functionality, performance, and aesthetics.


The main features of the C46

One of the distinctive features of the new Bavaria C46 is the rather voluminous V bow, designed to balance the significant buoyancy of the generous aft area, ensure more balanced sailing and more volumes both above and below deck. The length of the boat is 14.86 meters and the width is 4.70 meters. The spaciousness, typical of all Bavaria vessels, is guaranteed by large cabins both at the bow and aft. The C46 is suitable for both relaxed sailing and cruises with sporty ambitions, thanks to the six winches, Gennaker, and Code 0 already included in the standard version and a sail area of over 100 square meters. The boat offers a very spacious cockpit, sun loungers at the bow and a large foldable beach at the stern. Furthermore, it presents several layout options, from 3 to 5 cabins, which include solutions with ensuite bathrooms or extra spaces for equipment storage.


More space, more comfort

Among the main distinctive features of the Bavaria C46, we undoubtedly find a careful optimization of interior space. The owner’s cabin, for example, in the standard 3-cabin format offers a berth surface of 1.62 meters wide and 2.05 meters long. The same spaciousness is found in the aft cabins, where the berth surfaces maintain a constant width of over 1.60 meters. These values are very high and an absolute novelty for cruise boats of about 14 meters in length, allowing the C46 to offer an unparalleled level of comfort.For more information on the different available layouts, it is recommended to view the complete project.


Numerous innovations on deck

The C46 deck has received a significant amount of attention from designers. Among these, one of the most significant concerns is the elimination of the dinghy garage at the stern. This feature, present in the previous model (the C45), was considered a distinctive detail in its length category, but the reduced size of the compartment made it suitable only for rather small and deflated inflatable boats, without an engine. Udo Erbe, Bavaria designer, explained to YACHT that “on boats with a hull length of less than 50 feet and a width of less than five meters, a stern dinghy compartment is not particularly useful”. On the deck, moreover, the arrangement of the elements in the helmsman area has been revisited. As happens in larger models, C50 and C57, on the brand-new C46 all sheets, halyards, and control lines are routed to the helm stations, leaving the cockpit and the entrance to the cabin free.




More information is available in the article The C46: a new Bavaria by Cossutti Yacht Design.
To discover all its characteristics, you may consult our comprehensive project: Bavaria C46.


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