Bavaria C46

Bavaria C46

The new Bavaria C46 develops, reinterprets, and expands the design and high-performance concepts that form the basis of the German shipyard’s C-Line. Like all models in the C-Line, the C46 is the result of a collaboration between the Bavaria development team and the Cossutti – Ganz Yacht Design Studio.

Exceptional design and performance

Through a winning combination of generous spaces, excellent sailing characteristics, and innovative solutions, the new Bavaria C46 aims to redefine once again the category standards. The generous  onboard space and proven solidity of the Made in Germany craftsmanship merge with enhanced sailing performance and increased comfort. These achievements are made possible by the chined hull and V-bow, which have already demonstrated excellent sailing characteristics on previous C38 and C42 models.

At Cossutti – Ganz Yacht Design, we worked on the C46 hull with the same purpose: to create the perfect blend of maximum performance and design. Measuring 14.86 meters in length and 4.70 meters in width, the C46 enables exceptional manoeuvrability and outstanding sailing performance while accommodating spacious cabins both aft and forward.

Bavaria C46

As Marc Diening, CEO of Bavaria Yachts, explains: “After the presentation of the C38 and C42, the latter being the winner of the ‘European Yacht of the Year 2021’ award, our customers made it clear that they were eagerly anticipating the further evolution of the line. Therefore, we focused all our efforts on further developing the concept, and now we are proud to present the new Bavaria C46.”

A complete sailing experience

Adapting to different types of sailing and meeting the needs of every crew, the Bavaria C46 proves to be an extremely versatile yacht. Whether it’s a relaxed navigation with a reduced crew, single-handed sailing, or a cruise with sporting ambitions, the C46 has all the ingredients to deliver pure sailing pleasure.

Equipped with six winches, a Gennaker, and a Code 0 already included in the standard version, and boasting a sail area of over 100 square meters, the C46 is designed to excel in terms of performance.

From the exceptionally spacious cockpit to the forward sunbeds and the large fold-down swim platform aft, quick access to the water is ensured. Water sports equipment can be easily stored in the Bavaria B-BOX, allowing the entire crew to enjoy their time at anchor or in the water in a relaxed manner.

The Bavaria C46 is designed to offer a complete experience, providing enjoyment, comfort, and safety on board! Regardless of the preferred type of sailing, the C46 proves to be the ideal companion for discovering the pleasure of sailing in all its nuances.

Various configuration options for maximum customization

Drawing on the extensive experience gained from previous projects by Bavaria Yachts and Cossutti – Ganz Yacht Design, the C46 offers a wide range of configurations, allowing for maximum customization of the sailing experience based on individual needs and preferences.

Available layouts range from 3 to 5 cabins. For example, the owner can choose a configuration with 4 cabins and 4 en-suite bathrooms, providing optimal privacy and comfort for all guests on board. Alternatively, a 3-cabin layout with an additional separate space along the passage to the cabins can be selected, which can be used as a tool storage or directly accessible locker, offering flexibility and convenience.

This freedom of choice allows boat owners to create the onboard space that best suits their individual needs. We understand that every crew has different requirements and preferences, which is why we provide a wide range of solutions. Whether it’s offering generous spaces for guests or practical solutions for the crew, the Bavaria C46 has been designed to adapt to any situation.

Design studied in every detail

Every aspect of the Bavaria C46’s design has been carefully crafted to offer an exceptional sailing experience and the utmost comfort, both above and below deck. The distinctive lines of the yacht, including the V-bow and the distinctive angular hull, not only ensure perfect sailing performance but also pave the way for innovation.

The key strengths of the Bavaria C46’s design include:

Il design del BAVARIA C46 è di Cossutti Yacht Design.
  • Characteristic hull design with a V-bow and chine hull, providing excellent sailing characteristics and maximizing natural light and space below deck in the saloon and cabins.
The large cockpit BAVARIA C46
  • The spacious cockpit accommodates two steering wheels and offers ample room for navigation and relaxation.
Large hull windows BAVARIA C46
  • Large hull windows, portholes, and hatches maximize natural light below the deck.

Every detail has been carefully considered to offer comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. From the spacious cockpit that allows for comfortable sailing to the large windows creating pleasant natural lighting and panoramic views, the Bavaria C46 represents excellence in yacht design, where style, performance, and functionality harmoniously merge.

Marc Diening further explains: “The demands and versatility that a 15-meter sailboat must meet today are much greater, and it no longer makes sense to think simply in terms of classic categories such as performance or family cruisers, charter or owner yachts. During the development of the C46, our focus was solely on what could offer our customers real added value on board. And when we sought the right solution, detail by detail, we were able to refute many of the presumed compromises. With the C46, we have found the balance that customers expect from a sailboat of this size, with many well-conceived solutions.”

Alessandro Ganz concludes: “We have worked on every aspect to guarantee a unique experience on board, combining design and ergonomics to satisfy all possible customer requests. Examples are the various high-level details, such as the bowsprit integrated into the sheer line or the large windows in the deckhouse. Every corner of the boat was first carefully studied in virtual reality and then validated with a mock-up, to guarantee the right internal and external spaces, and consequently the balance of the hull volumes which for us remain the fundamental requirement for fast and pleasant navigation”.

Main Technical Specifications:
Shipyard: Bavaria Yachts
Design: Cossutti – Ganz Yacht Design
Overall Length (LOA): 14.86 m
Hull Length (LH): 13.95 m
Waterline Length (LWL): 13.315 m
Beam (BH): 4.7 m
Maximum Draft (TMAX): 2.30 m
Sail Area (AS): 125 sqm
Standard Engine: 41.9 kW (57 mph)
Optional Engine: 58.8 kW (80 mph)
Cabins: 3 / 5

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