All the experts working in our studio are passionate sailors holding experience in both regattas and cruising.

For this reason, even the launch and initial tests are a real ritual for us. These are the moments when you understand how good the project really is and whether all the calculations and concepts really fit together in a unique, well-balanced way, giving shape and soul to a truly unforgettable sailing experience. In addition to personally testing all the boats designed and optimized, our team is committed to gathering feedback and information on each project from boat owners and professional sailors, thus increasing our knowledge and supporting professional growth. In this perspective, few others can boast our sailing experience — with some of the best sailors in the world — and out expertise in the development of projects for top-level teams whose analyzes have helped us to grow quickly and consistently.

“Is it possible to be
a good yacht
designer without
first being a sailor?
Maybe, but we do
not think so.”


The Cossutti Yacht Design employs many internal and external professionals, including architects, designers and engineers, involving them in project development.

All activities regarding the design and development of engineering and structural applications are coordinated internally as are the intervention and optimization procedures for the various phases of the project. The years of expertise gained in the yacht sector has led to the creation of a solid network of external professionals who collaborate with the studio, allowing Cossutti Yacht Design to provide prompt, efficient and punctual service for a very wide range of applications. In particular, the studio employs the best specialists and the most advanced fluid-dynamics analysis software in waterline verification, when this is required to meet the constantly evolving international box rules. In addition, to develop complete design solutions, upon request, the studio can also include other external professionals in the development of design concepts for interior and exterior elements, deck layout, and anything else. Our in-depth knowledge of the accessories market ensures quick, effective choice of deck hardware and all functional details, both for race and cruise boats. Thanks to close, consolidated relations with the management of the main lofts and with the designers of the best brands available on the market, Cossutti Yacht Design studio can also provide excellent sail plan and sail inventory development.

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