Bavaria C46 video Giornale della Vela

On board the Bavaria C46: watch the video review by Giornale della Vela

The Italian magazine Giornale della Vela takes us on board the Bavaria C46 for a “boat tour” to discover the new 14m cruiser from the German shipyard, designed by our studio and nominated for the EYOTY 2024.

Reviews and articles continue to pour in for the latest model in Bavaria’s C-Line, the performance cruiser series entrusted to our design studio by the German shipyard. The Giornale della Vela has also published an exciting article on the extraordinary features of this vessel, enriched by an interesting video review that explores every detail.

The review covers all the key features of the 14m cruiser, starting from the design characterized by the now “classic” distinctive V-shaped hull of the C-Line series. It delves into the comfort features guaranteed by the widened hull, which, in turn, enhances stability, lengthens the waterline, and improves performance, giving the boat greater sensitivity and mastery in maneuvers.

Giornale della Vela also emphasizes the versatility of the C46, capable of accommodating both reduced crew and family sailing, as well as more “sporty” navigation, thanks to various configuration options. Finally, it takes a look at the refined interior design choices, combining functionality and flexibility in choosing layouts.

In summary, the Bavaria C46 is a boat that adapts to every need, offering a sailing experience that exceeds expectations.

Discover the on-board video of the cruiser and immerse yourself in the excitement of sailing on the new Bavaria C46. Enjoy the view!


Watch the video on board the Bavaria C46


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