Italian Offshore Sailing Champs 2024

And here we are! In Brindisi everything is ready for the start of the 2024 Italian Absolute Offshore Sailing Championship, certainly one of the most important events of the Italian sailing season. The competing fleet is fierce and represents the best of the specialty with arrivals from all over Italy: there are 46 boats registered (21 in Group 1 which brings together the largest hulls of Classes 0, A and B, and 25 in Group 2 of class C). Among the protagonists, boats and crews, who will liven up the days of racing, there are many reigning Italian champions, confirming the importance of the event. The weather forecast indicates a possible start with light winds on the first day of racing on Wednesday 26, followed by three days of medium-strong North winds of 15-18 knots. In short, there are all the ingredients to make the regattas spectacular.

As usual, competing we find a large group of boats designed or modified by Cossutti – Ganz Yacht Design.

There are the “evergreen” M37s with the Ottavo Peccato by Paolo Romanelli, the very first of the M37 series, Black Coconut by Iuorio Salvatore and Alina T and the Czechoslovakian Hebe V by Zdenek Jakoubek. In the same class we also have the X 35 Demon X with Roberto Spata, the J99 Tokio by Massimo Minozzi and also, after long refitting work, the Peterson 43 Doktor Faust with Ernesto Faraco on board, the first owner of one of the historic boats of Italian offshore sailing. We will see some great things! To all the competitors, “Good winds” from the entire Cossutti – Ganz Yacht Design team.


List of participants:


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