Un nuovo motoscafo per i Cantieri Venmar Venezia by Cossutti yacht Design

A new powerboat project for the Venmar Shipyards

From Venice for Venice: a new motorboat designed for use as shuttle snd as a recreational motorboat.
The experience of the Venmar Shipyard in Venice Lido, which stands out in the design and construction of boats with a typically Venetian style for generations, merge with the design and engineering of Cossutti Yacht Design for a new interesting project.
Developing the project we thought of a hull designed to be “gentle” during navigation in the waters of Venice, a city so beautiful but also so delicate, in order to obtain low resistance and reduced energy consumption together with hybrid propulsion designed exclusively for the shipyard.

The construction involves the use of advanced and eco-compatible composite materials, with the possibility, on customer’s request, of move on to handcrafted wooden construction, to obtain a product of refined Venetian craftsmanship. The project also offers great possibilities for customization in internal layouts and furniture depending on the intended use.


The Venmar Shipyards
Venmar was born in Venice in 1969 by Mr. Franco Biasini a pioneer in the nautical sector and then passed under the guidance of Giuseppe Telarori who leaded the company until 1992.

The origins of the Venmar Shipyard in a vintage photo


The shipyard is strategically located in the heart of Lido in Venice with a central position between the Lido beaches – San Nicolò to the east and Malamocco – Alberoni and Pellestrina – Chioggia to the west.


Over the years, the commercial liveliness of the lagoon city and the first important projects consolidated Venmar as a leading shipyard in the Venetian shipbuilding scene. Since 1993 Alessandro Trevisan has taken over the helm of the shipyard, pushing the Shipyard more and more to search for innovative solutions, while still following the Venetian tradition. Nowadays the shipyard is also characterized by the highly diversified offer of nautical services: from the storage of boats to the workshop, to the sale of new and used boats.

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