Offshore Italian Championships: a formula to be reviewed?

After 4 days of racing in the waters of Crotone, the Absolute Italian Offshore Championship ended with the overall success of Grand Soleil 43 “Blue Sky”, modified and optimized by our studio. Congrats to Claudio Terrieri and his crew, including Lorenzo and Marco Bodini. GS 39 “Canopo” placed 2nd in C2 Class, 13th overall. Unfortunately a duller performance for the Next 37 “Adelante” by Roberto Rosa.

The formula of the Italian Championships seems to be obsolete: the division between racing and cruising according to the scores of the athletes, creates a proliferation of classes and winners that diminishes the value of the results achieved on the regatta field. In our opinion it would be better to follow the same formula applied internationally: fewer classes divided only by rating brackets and rewarding the best non-professionals (Corinthians) within the class itself.

Next appointment Palma de Mallorca for the traditional Copa del Rey, where our 36′ Estonian “Katariina” and the Swan 42 “Selene”, already 2019 World Champion, will race.

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