More 40 – Holy smoke what a boat!

The boat logged 11.2 knots with two reefs and half the jib sailing downwind.

Last week the weather in beautiful Croatia was anything but holiday-like. Bura – the notorious strong, northern wind – blew in more than 40 knots near the coast, and the charter season had definitely ended for this year.

But I heard that the new More 40 would finally be ready and took the opportunity to sail the boat despite the conditions. And I returned to Marina Kremik an hour later with a big wide smile – Holy smoke what a good boat, was my immediate reaction. In the hard wind, with two reefs and half the jib, More 40 accelerated so I felt the pressure behind the steering wheel. The boat almost danced on the water, felt easy and alert. Even better was that the stability feels nice yet sufficient.

Of course, the boat would broach in the gusts, but rescued immediately when my crew with Finland’s best ocean sailor Hannu Niemelä handled the sail. I liked a lot that the steering wheels were freewheeling back when I let them go after tacking. The type of control and the kind of contact available in More 40 should all boats with two steering wheels have.

















The control of the boat is excellent, the deep rudder bites for a long time and the steering wheel freewheel back when tacking.



The wide aft is commissioned for fine release. A bathing platform will come for easy entering of the boat.

But why not double rudder, was that not needed in the gusts? No, More 40 performs well with one rudder because it’s almost as deep as the keel, slim and carefully designed by Maurizio Cossutti. In fact, the rudder feeling is right – 1.75 turns on the steering wheel.



The lines pulls in the sailor mind – racing, nice to look at and well-proportioned

No wobbling in the steering system and the aluminum axle shaft appears to be powerful, it now comes from reliable Jefa and is not a More Boats production like on More 55.

Certainly, the boat turns towards starboard when running by engine, but most important is the feeling of the rudder during sailing and hopefully, More Boats will stay for the current rudder and will not change as on the More 55.

The steering position is just OK, folding footrests do not fit everyone and the cost is unnecessary. I want a list in the cockpit or an elevation in the middle to put the legs on.



More 40 is light on the water, accelerates directly and responds immediately to trim and wind changes.

The cockpit is wide for charter, and the table can be stowed away. Real teak on the benches.



The skippers position with an unsafe open stern and the folding footrests don’t provide safe enough footrests.



Furlexline thru deck is stylish and gives maximum luff length and space for a big anchor box.

The deck equipment seems right for a real racing cruiser with proper winches, dito blocks, shredders and dumb running rigging. I like the traditional solution with the halyard on the rooftop because you don’t have to loose wind in the sails to take down a reef or hoist the mainsail.



Inside stays gives possibility for genua, not only fock. Serious blocks and rails, main sheet in rail gutter are big likes. Serious locking cleats at the cockpit roof and dumb running rigging helps for trim and handling.


The interior offers two electric toilets, one at the entrance and one infront of the main bulkhead. The front is cramped, but because the boat is going to charter the extra toilet is needed and the aft toilet has the stool longitudinal. In addition, there are two stern cabins, L-couch and folding navigation table.



The saloon is normal sized, has a good height for standing, an l-couch, folding navigation table but plastic ceiling. The finish is continental, simpler than in the more 55 with light alpi, which is very similar to real oak.

Regarding building technology, the More 40 is equally well-made as the More 55 with steel bottom frame, vacuum laminate and strong keelbolts. This means that the rig can be set very hard and you never have to think about the strength of the keel frame and mounting.



The steel bottom frame is bolted and has the bolts through the structure. The navigation table is folded down and gives a long bed when the cushion is attached.



The design has a continental style and is simpler than in the more 55 with light, oak like alpi.

Given the low price and high performance, More 40 is the probably hottest standard boat you can find at the moment. If More Boats succeed to increase the production rate is unclear, but as it is called – all good things comes to he who waits. So keep in line for this very funny racing cruiser signed ingenious Maurizio Cossutti.


More 40

Total Length: 12.60 meters

Hull Length: 11.99 meters

Length of waterline: 10.51 meters

Width:  4.0 meters

Depth: 2.18 meters

Total weight: 7 100 kg

Calculation weight: 2 500 kg

Engine: Yanmar 40

Water capacity (two tanks): 350 liters

Diesel capacity (two tanks): 200 liters

Size:  51 sqm

Genoa (105%): 41 sqm

Gennaker: 140 sqm

Design: Maurizio Cossutti

Builders:  More Boats

Selling: More Sailing

Written by Curt Gelin and photos by Hans Himbert – Published November 02, 2017