Sailor of the Year TAG Heuer 2022

Studio Cossutti Yacht Design is a finalist of the “Sailor of the Year TAG Heuer 2022” award, in the Designer category.
We are delighted to be among the finalists of the“Sailor of the Year” award, thanks to the many votes received during the online survey. A huge thank you to all those who wanted to express their preference by voting for our design studio.
The 31st edition of the “Evening of Champions”, scheduled for May 12 in Milan, is approaching. It will be the final act of the “TAG Heuer 2022 Sailor of the Year” award, which will award the “Oscar” of Italian sailing. During the evening, in the presence of the three finalists, the winners for the four categories Young, Owner, Designer and Yacht Club, which were selected by the public during the online survey, will be named. Among these, the jury of the Giornale della Vela will choose the winners of each category.
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