ORC Worlds Trieste: the comment by Cossutti

The ORC Worlds Trieste 2017 is concluded with two victories for the boat improved by Cossutti Yacht Design in class A and C, and a second and third place in class B.

The final day with two inshore races for the class A and B and one for the class B, has brought in the discard, that modified the upper part of the score board. A championship characterized by the light wind that made the races very technical and complicated.

First of all, congratulations to Mascalzone Latino and Airis, new world champion of class A and C, and equally to Selene Alifax and Horus for the silver and bronze in class B.


Mascalzone Latino and Airis / © Photo Max Ranchi


Two tricky races for the new world champions: in the class A the Cookson 50 of Vincenzo Onorato, a boat that prefers windy conditions, has count on the local tactician Lorenzo “Rufo” Bressani to defeat the TP52 Freccia Rossa and Hurakan, that are very fast in light wind conditions, and the brilliant outsiders Altair 3 and Sheera. The optimization that has been done to improve the rating without slowing down the boat gave the necessaire margin to win such races that have been decided by few seconds.


Mascalzone Latino / © Photo Max Ranchi


In class C the situation was the opposite, being the Melges 32 the fastest boat of the fleet. In that situation, the boat had to push as much as she could to take advantage of her performances to “pay” the rating that in those conditions was around 7 minutes calculated against the Farr 30, very competitive boat in light wind conditions. The new appendages and the modifications to the sail plan have been crucial both on the boat performance and on the rating, that reward the brave choice of the owner and the team manager Cesare Bressan.


Airis / © Photo A. Carloni


The final class B race started with two of our boats in first and second position: the X-41 Nube and the Swan42 Selene Alifax. Unfortunately, after the last tricky race Selene Alifax went down on the second place and Nube on the fourth, preceded by the M45 Horus of the owner Lino Milani with Gabriele Benussi on the Helm.


ORC World Trieste /© Photo A. Carloni


In any case congratulation to the owner-driver Massimo De Campo and all his team for the excellent job done to improve the boat started at the end of last season.

For Nube the consolation is that the choice to have the masthead Gennaker on a fixed bowsprit has allowed her to be the best x-41 of the championship, and to fight for the win till the last race.


ORC World Trieste / © Photo Max Ranchi


ORC World Trieste / © Photo A. Carloni


A heartfelt thanks to all the other teams that have chosen CYD to design their boat or improve their performance, good luck for the next races!

To conclude a short comment on the formula that has proved to work very well, making possible the fact that very different boats could fight to win the title. On the other hand, in our opinion, some reflections should be made on the scoring system: in fact, the method used in Trieste is in theory the best one offered by the ORC rules, but it takes too long before having the final results and, moreover, it gives more spaces to mistakes like in the final day of the championship.

Maurizio Cossutti

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