This is the way we designed the Bavaria C57 bathing platform – Part #2

“We would like to have a dinghy garage for a Williams tender, an automatic bathing platform 1.4m wide, full standing height cockpit shower, a wet bar, a barbeque. And a cockpit fridge as well…”  This was the wish list of the Bavaria product manager during the first meeting regarding the characteristics of the stern area of the new C57.


Un render della poppa del Bavaria C57


All these requests were turning out to be a big headache for our designer, trying to image how to integrate each of these features in the global design of the boat without exceeding the main dimensions of the model.

For sure, in the last few years the access to the sea has become more and more important in a sailing yacht, for this reason the stern platforms are nowadays a common feature in many boats. In our case the challenge was to create an area that was an extension of the cockpit itself, a place where you can lay in the sun or let the children play.

Moreover, Bavaria’s customers would like to have an easy access to the boat, feature guaranteed by the automatic platform.

We wanted to improve the access to the platform compared to the previous model of the yard, such as the Bavaria 56; the layout has been studied to integrate a comfortable stair integrated in the deck and not a steep ladder. The result is a stair 70 cm wide, characterized by steps big enough to give a confident feeling during the descent to the platform.

A second aspect is related to the dinghy garage, located at the stern of the boat. We work a lot on the design of this area, trying to use all the possible spaces to get a garage big enough to house a Williams Minijet Tender! Alternately, this place may be used to carry all the gear to enjoy the sea, such as scuba equipment, winsurfs or paddle boards..

On the other hand the space dedicated to the garage had to guarantee the proper interior volumes as well; in fact the real challenge was to give the right volume to the aft cabin and to optimize the layout to minimize the impact of this technical area into the cabins.


Render di una delle cabine di poppa del Bavaria C57


Above the garage above the garage it has been designed a flush area with a double function: in fact, it could be used as a comfortable seat next to the helmsman for two or three guests otherwise, lifting the lid, it could be found the barbeque and the wet bar.

The full standing height shower completes the fittings of the aft part of the boat, giving the chance to enjoy the pleasure given by an outdoor shower standing upon the comfortable stern platform floor, cover by precious teak.

Last but not least, safety matters. We have integrated a dedicated space for 10 people liferaft in the stern such that, if needed, can be easily reached either from the open platform or from the cockpit.


© Arch. Luca Pozzocco / Cossutti Yacht Design

Render Courtesy © Bavaria Yachtnau
First published on Cossutti Yacht Design Website

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