Doktor Faust

Doktor Faust

Peterson 42′ “Doktor Faust”: a state-of-the-art refit by Cossutti – Ganz Yacht Design


“Doktor Faust” (a project by the famous designer Doug Peterson) had been standing at the Olbia shipyards for about twenty years, when Cesare Filograna, who was to become her new owner, decided to buy the yacht and bring her to his lands, in Puglia (South Italy), involving our studio for a delicate and complete refitting operation, that would last about two years.

Doktor Faust” il giorno del suo arrivo in Puglia

This intervention joins other important refitting applications of classic boats followed by our studio, including the already completed Swan 38 “Mascalzone Latino XXXIII”, the Swan 44′ “Pride” (currently in its final phase), the half-tonner “Cagliostro” and the prototype Peterson 40′ “Moby Dick 2” (refitting in progress). The refitting of “Doktor Faust” envisaged the respect of the original project by Doug Peterson, dated 1978. Together with the twin unit “Karina Von Forell”, “Doktor Faust” was built at the Sai Ambrosini shipyard in Passignano sul Trasimeno, specialized in aluminum processing, commissioned by the surgeon Dr. Faraco in 1982. The same shipyard had previously dealt with the construction of the famous “Azzurra”, the first Italian boat to participate in the America’s Cup.

Gli interventi sullo scafo

The restoration works were particularly complex, and involved various expert craftsmen both in the working of aluminum and in the carpentry part for the interiors. In more detail, the first choice was to work on the aft part of the hull, eliminating the Skeg (aft extension of the keel) and replacing it with a suspended carbon rudder made by Apulia Composites. To do this, the internal structures of the hull had to be remodeled and the propeller foot moved; instead it was decided to keep the tiller rudder and the original trapezoidal keel.

Doktor Faust

Subsequently interventions were made with the optimization of the deck plan, simplifying the manoeuvres, and redesigning the deck layout to send them back to the cockpit. Naturally the refit also involved rigging and sail plan. The mast profile was modified, in collaboration with Ciccio Manzoli (who had prepared a new mast for the “doctor”, for the previous owner, never used). The rig has gone from a masthead configuration to a fractional one and the running backstays have been eliminated thanks to the installation of new crosshead quartered spreaders. Finally, the chain plates have also been moved to the stern.

“Doktor Faust” is now sailing, completed by a new blue livery: it is a piece of sailing history that has come to light again, a boat designed for regattas, which is now back on the field with respectable performances. Already in the first sea trials the boat showed great speed upwind, and even when downwind in displacement navigation she proved to be quite stable, also thanks to the new balance desired by the Cossutti – Ganz studio and the new rudder blade.

“Doktor Faust” prima e dopo il refitting

A special thanks from our studio goes to the owner Cesare Filograna, who involved us in this project, and to all the professionals and craftsmen who worked actively on the refitting.

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