Alto Adriatico 38

The AA38 project originates from an Azzurra’s helmsman Mauro Pelaschier bet, who wanted to realize in his hometown, Monfalcone, at Cantieri Alto Adriatico, a modern, light wooden boat balanced and fast under sail and motor, with wide stern, revolutionary cockpit and interiors layout for a mid-sized boat.

In the particular AA38 construction, the modern materials, from fiberglass to Kevlar and carbon, are linked through epoxy resin to the red cedar wood, creating a real composite structure; the wood is in fact a natural composite in which cellulose fibers are immersed into an amorphous polymeric matrix. At Alto Adriatico they perfectly know the construction and restoration techniques of classic wooden boats and in the case of the AA38 they were transferred and transformed to suit the construction of a light and performing hull, full of revolutionary solutions. This is how every element that composes the hull of the AA38 has one different shape depending on the position and function, is CNC cut to avoid costly and time consuming re-works. Therefore components are made in less time than traditional ones, and added to this, reaching a lightness at least equal or better than fiberglass or carbon composites buildings.

The Alto Adriatico 38 is born from an initial thought of friend and great sailor Mauro Pelaschier, developed together with Maurizio Cossutti and his office. We designed lines to guarantee good sailing and motor speeds, with a wide, lifting stern, balanced by generous volumes forward to avoid nose-diving even if heeled. The ideal balance is ensured by the twin rudders, which give a perfect control against the tendency to broach, also in the most severe conditions. The deep structural study, all done with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) allowed to get a very rigid and light hull concentrating all the weight of the ballast in the lead bulb, attached to a stainless steel blade. The keel is a lifting one, hydraulically operated from cockpit, reducing the draft from 2,50 to 1,30 m. Mast is deck stepped, in carbon, and the deck layouts has only two electric winches, which with the use of a set of stoppers, are perfect for short handled or solo navigations


ProjectCossutti Yacht Design
BuilderCantiere Alto Adriatico
LOA11,50 m
Beam3,80 m
Draft1,30 / 2,50 m
Displacement5.500 Kg
Ballast1.500 Kg
Sail Area79,50 sqm
Mainsail Area43,5 sqm
Jib Area36 sqm
Spinnaker Area115 sqm
Pos Fesr 2014-2020 Regione autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia Repubblica Italiana Unione Europea