Create sailing boats with “super design and super performance”.
Maurizio Cossutti cultivated this dream since he was a child, and this is the goal that has always guided his work: a perfect synthesis between creative “madness” and design concreteness.

A passion, even before a job, unchanged during thirty years,
which is now shared and supported by the whole team of Cossutti Yacht Design Studio and the signature of every projects, tirelessly pursuing the ideal of creating boats with excellent performance, structurally reliable, manageable, with a light displacement and a distinctive design. That is from where we start designing all the aesthetic, technological and functional elements that characterize each Cossutti Yacht Design creation, always pursuing for a unique combination, balanced and consistent with the objectives requested by the client, whether it is a boatyard or a lucky owner.

“My childhood
dream: to create
sailing boats
with super design
and super


The pleasure of navigation is the real focus of every Cossutti Yacht Design project. Whether she is a racing boat, or a cruise model, for us a good boat can only be a fast one, with excellent maneuverability and which ensures a sail experience as pleasant as possible.

Our teamwork’s main strength is the capability to meet customers’ expectation, interpreting their personality and needs to give them the best product possible. That’s why our projects are completely tailored to fit each customer’s needs, representing the perfect synthesis between our creativity and owner’s style. We firmly believe that the concept behind every new boat is nothing but a shared dream between designer, client and boatyard, and that’s why it can only take shape through the continuous dialogue between client and designer, and the construction of a human relationship that goes beyond mere professionalism, ensuring a collaboration aimed at mutual growth. Enthusiasm and passion for our work lead us to continuously seek new solutions, both about technology and design, which can express something always new and better. Thanks to the many years of experience and the important achievements obtained in designing racing models, Cossutti Yacht Design is one of the few studios which can offer a high level service in developing solutions accorded with ORC and IRC regulations.

“A privilege
to start my career
with Maurizio.
A pride
to contribute today
to the future
of our Studio.”


Their great passion often leads Maurizio Cossutti and Alessandro Ganz to “get their hands dirty”.

Convinced that profound knowledge of construction processes is the only way to create good projects, they often visit boatyards to see live the various construction phases, from the molds to the resin coating, up to the actual assembly of the boats. The dialogue with production managers is always profitable and motivating and allows the Cossutti team to be always updated and aligned with all the latest developments in terms of materials, techniques and applications, including the use of technical fibers or technologies innovativations. So each project come from the drawing table but is then tested and verified during the actual production process and sometimes modified according to the specific client’s needs.